Terms and conditions

Haku Tours Terms and conditions !

Dear customers,

Due to many clients canceling their tours a few days, hours or minutes (unbelievably but true) before their scheduled tour start, then we find it necessary to put in place some rules which will allow us to continue to respect and appreciate the efforts and great services that our Haku Tours ‘Professional Team’ guides, drivers, coordinators, counters, etc provide.

As background, it’s important to let you know that when you book a tour, at least a guide and driver are scheduled for that time. Booking a driver and guide may mean that they have to cancel work for other companies or other activities they may have scheduled for that time. Canceling your booked tour less than a week in advance often times affects their ability to reschedule that time and so they and their families are affected.

Please keep in mind when you book and confirm your tour, we IMMEDIATELY start arrangements which include buying all entrance tickets, paying government taxes and any other fees involved in your tour. We do this in advance to provide you a GUARANTEE that you will not miss out on any place or attraction listed as part of your tour.

Our tour company Haku Tours is committed to only working with people who have limited resources to give them an opportunity too. Our team REALLY NEED TO WORK every day for this reason will be unfair if you cancel your booked tour with hours or minutes before it start and decided do not pay for it.

As a result we have instituted a policy that if you confirm a tour and then you cancel with less than 3 days notice, you agree to pay: 50 % of the total amount of the tour rate.

If you cancel your tour the same day or not show up then you are agree to pay 100 %

Dear customer, we allowed you to reschdule your tour to another date but please let us know asap to see the availability (very important).

Lastly we want let you know; once you book your tour, you accept 100% of the responsability in case an unexpected succes might happend. We are very understanding people and our wish for you is to have a great time during your visit to Peru. We really appreciate your respect of our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any question, please feel free contact our Main Coordinator Alexandra Kusupuma at info@hakutours.com.

Muchas Gracias.

Edwin Rojas

Haku Tours Founder

- Skype : - edwinreise

- Cellphone and Whatsapp :+51 923 223157