THE FULL LIMA EXPERIENCE (4 days/3 nights)

Come explore the best of Lima! We have designed this unique tour, which will allow you to visit all of the highlights of the city, such as: Lima's Historic Center, Magical Water Circuit, and Pachacamac, the ancient pyramids of the Incas.

Price with discount!
from 2 people: 590 USD each
4 days and 3 nights in Lima
For more information, send us an email:
Phone: +51 947142030
For the tours we go with a maximun group size of 6 people. In very special ocations only, there will be 7 people but NEVER more than 7

Tour Includes

  • Aiport pick up & drop off to/from Miraflores
  • Accommodation ( 3 Nights in a 3-star hotel)
  • All breakfasts included
  • 1 Dinner included
  • City Tour and Magic Water Tour
  • The Lima's Colors and Flavors Tour (Lots of local snacks & tapas)
  • Ballestas Islands Boat Tour
  • Paracas National Reserve
  • Pachacamac Pyramid's Sanctuary
  • All entrance tickets
  • Tolls, parking, taxes, and all transport
  • Professional tour guide in English/Espaņol
  • Personalized service



Come explore the best of Lima in this 4 day/3 night tour! We have designed this unique tour, which will allow you to visit all of the highlights of the city, such as: Lima's Historic Center, Magical Water Circuit, and Pachacamac, the ancient pyramids of the Incas. What will make your trip extra special is the less touristy areas of Lima, where you will discover the colorful and exotic markets that are filled with small shops owned by people from the Andes and the Amazon of Peru. In addition, you will try all of the best local cuisines! For extra fun, we have also  added adventure to your trip with a visit to Ballestas Islands on a boat tour and the National Reserve of Paracas, both located about 3.5 hours from Lima. Because we work closely with our nonprofit sister organization, Reciprocity NGO, your trip will help support the social projects in shanty towns of Lima. 


DAY 1:

Welcome to Lima!
( Please provide us with your correct flight details at least 1 day before )

A representative will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. 

** If your flight arrives in the morning or early afternoon, your tour will begin at 14:30 with the "City of Kings & Queens + Magic Water & Lasers Dance Show."

** If you arrive in the late afternoon, your tour will begin at 17:30 with dinner & the "Magic Water & Lasers Dance Show" and you will go on the "City of Kings and Queens Tour" the next day after the "Colors & Flavors Tour."

Accommodation: Casa Andina Standard in Miraflores or Antigua Miraflores

Check in: 15:00


14:30 We will go to the old center of Lima to learn about when it was founded in 1535 and how it became the "City Of the Kings." We are going to pick you up from your hotel and take you on a fascinating walking tour in our historical center. Along with our expert local guide, we will take you on a special route around the center! Some stops include the palaces and castles hiding in our city, the great San Francisco Cathedral, and the amazing underground Catacombs! 

17:30 A delicious dinner at a local restaurant with some Peruvian favorites in the old city of Lima is included.

18:30 After dinner, we will go towards the Magical Water Circuit, which is considered a highlight by the locals and is a must see. It holds the World Guinness Record for the largest fountain complex in the world, displaying 13 distinct fountains and that are interactive. All of the fountains are illuminated at night, many with continuously changing color schemes. A colorful laser light show synchronized with classical and Peruvian music makes the fountains sparkle and shine as the water flows in unique patterns and shapes.

20:30 We will depart from the Magical Water Circuit back to your hotel. We will finish the trip at approximately 21:00.

Accommodation: Casa Andina Standard in Miraflores or Antigua Miraflores
Meals Included: Dinner
Entrance Tickets: Included
What To Bring: Sunblock, comfortable walking shoes and clothes, a hat, sunglasses, and water.

DAY 2:


09:00 We will pick you up from your hotel lobby and start our adventure in a local town called Chorrillos. Here, you will immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and learn about the district's main industry: fishing. You will have the opportunity to check out a local fish market, meet the animated Peruvian fishermen, and learn about our local products. We will also take you to the fishing port to check out the sea life and discover some great locations for impressive photos.

Afterwards, we will drive to the top of the cliffs (on our famous ¨Costa Verde¨ or Green Coast Highway) to visit Chorrillos' neighborhoods, people, streets, and local markets! Of course, you will have the opportunity to see and taste many different fruits from the Amazon, Andes, and the Coast of Peru. We will enjoy amazing ceviche, our famous national dish made from fresh fish from the local markets!

11:30 After visiting Chorrillos, we will go to the artsy neighborhood of Barranco, famous for its Bohemian feel. This walking tour will guide you past a variety of colorful, stately mansions and impressive local murals. On the tour, you will learn about Barranco's fascinating lifestyle. You will also see the famous "Bajada de los Baņos" walkway, the romantic "Bridge of Sighs", and enjoy a visit to one of the many local galleries that make Barranco one of the most well-known areas in Lima. Join us in one of Lima's most trendy districts. 

13:00 We will leave Barranco and go back to your hotel, so you will have the rest of the day off to explore the modern neighborhood of Miraflores, which is filled with great restaurants, beautiful cafes, markets. Please ask us for recommendations! The tour is going to end at approximately 13:15

14:30 ** For those that arrived later the day before, you will then enjoy the City of Kings & Queens Tour!

Accommodation: Casa Andina Standard in Miraflores or Antigua Miraflores
Meals Included: Because you will enjoy many different tastes of Peru, we do not recommend eating breakfast.
Entrance Tickets: Included
What To Bring: Sunblock, comfortable walking shoes and clothes, a hat, sunglasses, and water.

DAY 3:


04:00 We will leave Lima early to avoid traffic, which will give you more time to enjoy a full day in Paracas!

08:00: We will arrive at the port of Chaco in Pisco, where we will hop onto a boat to tour the famous and amazing "Ballestas Islands." You will see a lot of lovely families of sea lions, many kinds of amazing birds, and tiny penguins - yes, penguins in hot weather! Along with the wildlife, you can appreciate the amazing rock formations. As there are no private boat tours to the islands, we will share a boat organized and led by Peruvian marines. The whole tour will take around 2.5 hours.

11:00 After your boat tour, we will take you to visit the impressive and isolated Paracas National Reserve. This natural reserve holds the Guiness World Record for the driest desert on Earth: Atacama. Your friendly tour guide will tell you all about the desert formation and you also will have the chance to see an impressive landscape with lakes where many migratory birds stop on their trip down south or up north. If you are lucky you might even see the great pink flamingos!

13:00 We will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant specialized in seafood. However, there are many different options. (Lunch is not included, but we will help you order a delicious meal. Lunch usually costs around 35 nuevos soles (or about $10.00).

14:00 We will leave Paracas to go back to Lima. You will be dropped off at your hotel in Lima at approximately 18:00.

Accommodation: Casa Andina Standard in Miraflores or Antigua Miraflores
Meals Included:
Entrance Tickets: 
What To Bring: Sunblock, comfortable walking shoes and clothes, a light sweater (for the boat tour), a hat, sunglasses, and water.

DAY 4:


09:00 We will pick you up at your hotel and go towards the citadel of Pachacamac, which was a very important oracle during Incan times. Now, it is a place for local natives. The name Pachacamac is traditionally Inca/Quechua and means "Earth's Creator." Peruvians want to visit Pachacamac to say thank you to the creator because we follow the philosophy that we are all part of nature. Pachacamac was also the location of high level studies of astrononomy and architecture. It was also a place for ancient rituals and human sacrifices as payments to Mother Earth.

We recommend a visit to Pachacamac first, as an introduction to Inca culture before going to Cusco and Machu Picchu. Then, you will better understand the Incan traditions, engineering, and philosophy.

12:00 We will leave Pachacamac to be back to Miraflores at approximately 12:45. Your tour will end and you can have free time for the rest of the day in Miraflores until your departure. We will transfer you back to the airport in time for your flight. (Please let us know your flight details in advance to schedule a transfer to the airport.)

 *If you prefer, this tour can also be held in the afternoon at 14:00. You will then have the morning free to relax. Please let us know what your preference is.

Meals Included: Breakfast
Entrance Tickets:
What To Bring: Sunblock, comfortable walking shoes and clothes, a hat, sunglasses, and water. We recommend packing your bags and leaving them at the hotel's storage room.


*All hotels are subject to availability. If there is no availability for your dates, we will book a similar hotel. No changes will be made without your approval. Four and five star hotels are also available for a higher rate. Please inquire for more details.