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Let us take you back in time through this enigmatic world heritage. These impressive Lines were etched by the Nazca Culture over 2000 years ago. The Nazca lines depict different things like animals, plants, geometrical shapes, humanoids, etc.

Price from 2 to 4 ppl: 350 USD each
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From 5 to 7 ppl: 315 USD each.

NOTE:  This is a shared tour we go to tour with a maximum group size of 6 people. In very special occasions only there will be 7 people but NEVER more than 7 (this is for clients which tours start from accommodations located in Lima City ONLY)

From 8 people up ask for our good deals.

For private tours, ask about our prices.

Nazca Lines + Huacachina + Sand Boarding + Local Wine Tasting Tour.


The most impressive part of The Nazca Lines is that they can only be fully appreciated from the air due to their enormous sizes. Your adventure is not finished, after the Nazca Lines Tour, we will take you on another fun tour: Dune Buggies and Sand Boarding on Huacachina steep Sun Dunes. For around one hour and a half, you will be able to throw away the stress and feel the real adrenaline. It’s just pure fun!


Here is the itinerary of our full day. Our expert guide and driver will pick you up early (4.30 am) from your accommodation and we will start our trip towards Nazca, it is approximately 7 hours to get there, but don’t worry, on the way we can make a stop to buy some snacks or enjoy a good coffee. As soon as we arrive, your tour guide will help you to get on board the plane that will take you on a fascinating experience exploring the “Nazca Lines” from the air for around 30 minutes.
After the overflight (11:30 am), we will take you to visit the impressive “Huacachina Oasis” where you will do the buggy and sandboard. Of course, your tour guide will share with you the mysterious stories of this unique natural oasis located in the middle of one of the driest deserts on earth. Lunch is not included but don’t worry, we will help you to organize a tasty traditional lunch.

Before coming back to Lima (4:00 PM) it  the cherry of the cake “Local Wine Tasting Tour” you will enjoy at least 7 different kinds of wines that every Peruvian loves. It will be enough to take a great nap on the way back


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