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On this walking tour you will get the opportunity to see how many of the population in Lima really live. We at Haku Tours want you to see the real Lima. Take a walk up the famous yellow stairs.


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DEEP PERU TOUR!: Shanty Town Tour + Lunch + Pachacamac’s Pyramids Tour

On this walking tour you will get the opportunity to see how the majority of the population in Lima really live. We at Haku Tours want you to see ‘the real’ Lima. Take a walk up the famous ‘yellow stairs’ and along narrow cute roads, visit a local kindergarten, silverware factory and the friendly families from this nice community. The town’s huge dimensions and breathtaking views are impressive for any visitor.The middle of Inka Pyramids, the panorama is surreal you will see ancient huge Inka costructions, long wide Inka trails and Gigants Pyramids, we will take yout to the top of the of the main Pyramide Called ‘The Sun Temple’. LIVING HISTORY

Pachacamac; Was a very important oracle in the Inkas time, the name is Inka/Quechua and means Hearth’s Creator. Everybody wants to come to Pachacamac to visit and say thank you to the creator. Pachacamac was also the place of Human sacrificies and payments to the mother heart; natives celebrated large festivities in honor to the gods. More

Shanty Town Tour: This is an eye opening tour experience that challenges common preconceptions about poor areas, this is great! you will get a lot of interaction with the locals and children. Remember over 80% of people from Lima live there. More

Important to know:

In the past the Shanty Towns suffer a lot of abuse from foreigners, many children got stolen from these communities and their families; for this reason in all visits, a Police man will be part of the group to be sure everything is going good and well for the children.


Pick up from your hotel, private transport, English speaking guide, lunch in a local restaurant all entrance tickets, tolls, parking, taxes and return transport.

NOTE:  This is a shared tour we go to tour with a maximum group size of 6 people. In very special occasions only there will be 7 people but NEVER more than 7 (this is for clients which tours start from accommodations located in Lima city ONLY)


All of our prices included pick up and drop off to your hotel only when it is located in: Miraflores, San Isidro or Barranco. Outside of these areas, we ask that you pay a small fee for your pick up and drop off to your hotel location.

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