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For this tour, you will enjoy some time outside of Lima City to experience a beautiful oasis in the desert, ride buggies/sandboards down dunes, see a variety of avian life, taste Peru’s famous pisco, and much more!

For 1 person: 576 USD
From 2 – 4 people : 339 USD each
From 5-10 people: 315 USD each



  • 8:00 A tour guide from our company and our professional driver will pick you up from your hotel.
    It will take approximately 4 hours to get to Ica.
  • 12:30 We will have lunch in a local restaurant and then we will visit the vineyards to learn about the pisco and wine production process: sowing, harvesting, and processing. In addition, we will try different types of pisco and wine that are so famous in this part of the country. Lunch is not included, but we will help you order a delicious meal. Lunch usually costs around 35 nuevos soles (or about $10.00).
  • 14:30 We will check in and relax at a nice hotel near the oasis You can enjoy the pool or check out some of the local bars and restaurants that are walking
  • 17:00 We will take you to visit the impressive sand dunes of Huacachina, where we will ride dune buggies and practice sandboarding. This activity is both thrilling and beautiful! These dunes are beautiful and surreal. Our more adventurous travelers are welcome to try sandboarding down the dunes!
  • 18:00 We will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunset in a desert oasis.
  • 18:30 Enjoy your stay at the Hotel.


  • 07:00 We will leave for Paracas early so that the weather is nicer for the boat tour.
  • 08:30 We will arrive at the port of Chaco in Pisco, where we will hop onto a boat to tour the famous and amazing “Ballestas Islands.” You will see a lot of lovely families of sea lions, many kinds of amazing birds, and tiny penguins – yes, penguins in hot weather! Along with the wildlife, you can appreciate the amazing rock formations. As there are no private boat tours to the islands, we will share a boat organized and led by Peruvian marines. The whole tour will take around 2.5 hours.
  • 11:00 After your boat tour, we will take you to visit the impressive and isolated Paracas National Reserve. This natural reserve holds the Guiness World Record for the driest desert on Earth: Atacama. Your friendly tour guide will tell you all about the desert formation and you also will have the chance to see an impressive landscape with lakes where many migratory birds stop on their trip down south or up north. If you are lucky, you might even see the great pink flamingos!
  • 13:00 We will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant specialized in seafood. However, there are many different options. (Lunch is not included, but we will help you order a delicious meal. Lunch usually costs around 35 nuevos soles (or about $10.00).
  • 14:00 We will leave Paracas to go back to Lima. You will be dropped off at your hotel in Lima at approximately 18:00.

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