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For 1 person: 48 USD
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  • Discover one of the most important museums in Lima, which is consider as one of the 25 most important museums in the world.
  • Have you ever thought about immersing yourself in the mythical and magical history of the ancient Peruvian civilizations? We have designed a special tour for history, archeology and mysticism lovers.
  • Come and learn with us about the religious world view of the ancient Peruvians of the Andes and Coast, who left thousands and thousands of vestiges that are studied and exhibited today to tell us about the greatness and deeds of our pre-hispanic cultures.
  • One of the 25 most important museums in the world awaits to give us an unforgettable experience with your local guide! The Larco museum is one of the most important in Peru, which has more than 35,000 pieces of our pre-Hispanic cultures, coming from the different economic and religious activities of our ancestors, such as: ceramics, weaving and metallurgy.
  • Speaking of Peru is to speak about the Incas (1400 – 1532 AD), about the Spanish conquest (1532-1821) and about the current period, but Peruvian civilizations have more than 5,000 years OF HISTORY! and in this adventure you will have the opportunity to be part of this fascinating and enriching experience knowing more about the pre-Inca cultures.


☝️ Important Note:
Dear client, it is good to know that our regular group size is from 6 to 7 people. On very special occasions only, there will be 10 people but never more than 10.

☝️ Exceptions:
In case you are a big group of friends or you have a big fun family of more than 10 people, and still want to go with us, then you just need to send us an email to give you great ideas for organizing your tour



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