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We will take you to a fascinating walking tour in our historical center. together with our expert local guide, we will take you, to our tour route! which is different as the classic

Price:1 person 75 USD.
Price with discount!
From 2 people up 55 USD each.

Lima City Tours starting at the Airport 

We will take you to a fascinating walking tour in our historical center. together with our expert local guide, we will take you, to our tour route! which is different as the classic. We will show you the Palaces, castles and mansions our city hide, we also going to take you to our great Saint Francisco Monastery! and to the impressive underground Catacombs city too!

For sure we won’t miss to visit the most important square in the whole country; “The Main Square” (Plaza de Armas), other great places you also will visit are: Train Station Palace, unique old-fashioned “Cordano Bar”, Jiron del Union Pathway, First Phototoshop Palace in southmerica, Post Office Palace, Domenicans tower, Historical Rimac Bridge, the lovely surrounded wooden Balconies and the next big project in the City “the Under river subway!”

Our historical center is considered a World Heritage protected by the Unesco.

This walking tour finishes back to the airport or to your hotel. You will have a non cost(FREE) transfer to your hotel if it is located on the next districts: San Isidro, Miraflores, Barranco or Downtown Lima. We are pretty flexible then if you want to still enjoying the historical center, then you can tell your tour guide to leave you there, for sure your guide will recommend you great local restaurants for you to try delicious typical food, then you can continue your own personal exploration.


Your flight details. its very important for us knowing this information to organize your airport pick ups OR drop offs and wait for you in case there is a delay. Please keep our mobile numbers posted in our website to call us if there is any delay or earlier arrived. If you do not have a phone No Problem, you can use any of our many Public phones located almost everywhere (including the airport!) you just need to use 1 sol (local currency) to call us then we will help to you.

We recommend:

To wear comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat, take a bottle of water with you and spare battery for your camera!.


All our prices included pick up and drop off to your hotel only when it is located in: Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco and Lima centre. Outside these places, you have to pay a small fee for your pick up/drop off.

-In case you are a big group of friends or you have a big fun family of more than 6 people, and still want to go with us, then you just need to send us an email to start organizing it in private!
– The Maximum Group size for Cruise ship clients will be  14 people per tour group.

Important Note: We go to tour with a maximum group size of 6 people. In very special occasions only, there will be 7 people but NEVER more than 7 (this is ONLY for clients which tours start at a hotel, Apartment OR Airport)

From 8 people up ask for our good deals.

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