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Peruvian Cooking Class + Local Market Tour (From Callao Port)

Peruvian Cooking Class + Local Market Tour (From Callao Port)


This class is for people who want to taste Peruvian cuisine and also want to learn how to make it at home! You'll love the fun and relaxed atmosphere with no dull demo's, because we believe in the hands-on approach.

Learn about Peruvian ingredients, practice culinary techniques, prepare classic Peruvian dishes and of course enjoy the lunch or dinner that you helped to create!

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  • To cook, we use ceramic pots, the same as our ancestors did, this way we will keep all the flavour as natural as they are.
  • Carefully and after a long work together with chefs and local food lovers we choose 4 different great options to teach:
  • The Peruvian dish we choose to cook with fish is “Pescado a la Chorrillana” (Main Course), Fried onions, tomatoes, chili pepper and bay leaf, add fish broth and then a Fish fillet in low heat and its ready to eat, as starter we will cook together our Peruvian National dish called “Ceviche” the most popular dish among Peruvians! It is about small  pieces of raw fish marinated in fresh aromatic lime juice tender onions, boiled sweet potatoes mixed with or without Andean hot chilis
  • Our delicious “Ají de gallina” (Main Course),is very traditional and is prepared with chicken breast. Of course, it has more ingredients like garlic, onion, ají amarillo (sweet yellow pepper), pecans and parmesan cheese.  It’s served with boiled yellow potatoes and rice. For starter, we have our super delicious “Causa Rellena”, it’s like a delicious sandwich, made of mashed potatoes filled with chicken, vegetables or Quinua.

  • Cook a delicious “Lomo saltado” (Main Course), beef tenderloin slices sautéed with onions, tomatoes, aji (hot peppers but not spicy), and more spices. It is served with french fries and rice. For starter we have our super delicious “Papa Rellena”, little balls made of mashed potatos filled with either meat or vegetables or Quinua. Once it’s close and fried, it is served with “salsa criolla”.

  • The main course is “Pimento Relleno” which is a stuffed capsicum, filled up with fresh organic vegetables, Quinua and aromatic herbs from the north of the country, for starter we will together made “Solterito” in English “Single men” with green peas, faba beans, Quinua and olive oil, delicious.

  • For 2 – 3 people: 83 USD each
  • For 4 – 6 people: 70 USD each
  • For 7 – 10 people: 65 USD each
  • For 11 – 14 people: 62 USD each
  • Pick up and drop off
  • All ingredients
  • Peruvian local market tour
  • Chicha morada
  • Professional chef
  • Local tapas
  • Exotic fruit tasting
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Return transport
  • The meeting place will be outside Callao’s Port, we will be there waiting for you with a sign with the name of the agency “HAKU TOURS“. There will be the guides to start the tour.
  • In case of changing the meeting place, customers should call us or send an email before leaving the port to coordinate the new place where we will be waiting for you.