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The historical center with its big impressive palaces, cathedrals and underground Catacombs.

1 person: 125 USD
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From 2 people up 100 USD each.
THE GOLDEN CIVILIZATIONS TOUR : Pachacamac Pyramid’s + Lunch + City of Kings & Queens Tour


The historical center with its big impressive palaces, cathedrals and underground Catacombs will show you how was the life of “The Kings” in Lima lived. Then we will take you further to “the past” right in the middle of Inka Pyramids, the panorama is surreal you will see ancient huge Inka constructions, long wide Inka trails and Giants Pyramids, we will take yout to the top of the of the main Pyramid Called “The Sun Temple”. LIVING HISTORY

  • Pachacamac; was a very important oracle in the Inkas time, the name is Inka/Quechua and means “Hearth’s Creator”. Everybody wanted to come to Pachacamac to visit and say thank you to the creater. Pachacamac was also the place of Human sacrificies and payments to the mother heart; natives celebrated large festivities in honor to the gods. 
  • City of Kings & Queens Tour: We going to pick you up from your hotel and take you to a fascinating city tour in our historical center. together with our expert local guide we will take you to our tour route it’s different as the classic and unique, we will show you the Palaces and castles our city hide, we also gong to take you to our great Saint Francisco Monastery and the impressive underground Catacombs!.

For sure we won’t miss to visit the most important square in the whole country; “The Main Square”, other great places you will visit are: the Wall Park, Train Station Palace, unique old fashioned “Cordano Bar”, Jiron del Union Pathway, First Fotoshop Palace in southmerica, Post Officce Palace, Domenicans tower, Historical Rimac Bridge and lovely sourrounded wooden Balconies and the next big project in the City “the Under river subway!”More

After the tour we will take you back to your hotel.

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Dear client, It is good to know that our regular group size is from 6 to 7 people. On very special occasions only, there will be 10 people but NEVER more than 10 (this is ONLY for clients whose tours start at a hotel or Apartment located in Lima city).

In case you are a big group of friends or you have a big fun family of more than 10 people, and still want to go with us, then you just need to send us an email to give you great ideas for organizing your tour!


All our prices included pick up and drop off to your hotel only when it is located in: Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco and Lima Center. Outside these places, you have to pay a small fee for your pick up/drop off

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