What's Hot - January 2018

Haku Tours has gone to great lengths (and many great nights) to bring you a new Resturant, Hostel/Hotel and Event each month. They have been tried and tested by the staff at Haku, and we can honestly say these are some of our favourite places in Lima. We hope you enjoy them to

Lima's Anniversary (January)

Lima was founded on January 18, 1535 and every year this anniversary is celebrated with great excitement and tradition. It is customary, for example, that the City organize, serenaded the night before the feast day. Midnight between “Criolla” music and dance is received. It is hoped, too, that food festivals where the best of the Peruvian food is displayed, as recognized internationally and presentations of dance groups specializing in “Marinera”, “Huayno”, and “Festejo”, the three most outstanding dances from Peru.

The vast cultural wealth of the different regions of Peru allows the luxury of several dances and ceremonies that adorn the anniversary of the capital of Peru.

Happy! Candelaria! (February)

The The Feast in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria (VIRGEN DE LA CANDELARIA), patron of the city of Puno in Peru, takes place in the first fortnight of February each year, and represents the largest and most important cultural, musical and dance demonstration of Peru, one of the most significant religious celebrations in South America, by the amount of symbols and artistic and cultural expressions typical of the mixed cultures “Quechua”, “Aymara” and the Andean highlands and the volume of people directly and indirectly involved in its embodiment.

“Mistura” (September)

International Gastronomic Fair of Lima is an annual fair held in the city of Lima. This fair is organized by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega), civil association nonprofit founded by chef Gaston Acurio, currently led by its President Bernardo Roca Rey. Mistura, The food fair, considered the most important of its kind in Latin America and has become a point of crucial meeting between Peruvian and also a great opportunity to contact the foreign public about the culture, art and diversity of Peru.

Señor de los milagros (October)

October is Purple Month in Lima, celebrating the Señor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles). Over 31 days of religious processions and events, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and devotees march through the streets of Peru's capital while donning purple robes in honor of Jesus Christ, in which a painted image of Him is paraded endlessly. Also, turron de Doña Pepa is eaten as a typical snack of October!

Day of the "Criolla" Song

It is a Peruvian festival that takes place on October 31st of each year. It was established on October 18, 1944 by the President of the Republic, Don Manuel Prado Ugarteche, by supreme resolution. It is a political recognition emerged as a reaction to the indigenous movement of the time, and huge migration of people from the Andes to the capital. The president took the supreme resolution which stated that on October 31st of each year would be held the "Day of the “Criolla” Song" in Peru, in order to extol the coastal air of Peruvian music.